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Document Management Solutions Old


Scanning & file conversion exclusively distributed across Europe by ITS.


Umango is a professional document batch scanning application for those who need to scan, index and store documents quickly and easily.


With seamless connectivity into products like Microsoft SharePoint, HP Trim, Alfresco and a world of other solutions, Umango provides a powerful foundation to build your document imaging requirements around. The speed and accuracy in document processing that Umango delivers, allow your business to access information quickly and easily.

 Umango Essentials

Allows you to configure and deploy file conversion and routing workflows, separate documents, as well as clean up and filter image files


 Umango Standard

Adds data capture (including OCR and barcodes) and deeper routing capabilities. You can also browse export destinations and validate data on the MFD panel.

Umango Explained

Because Umango covers so much ground when it comes to a customer's document scanning and conversion needs, a short, all encompassing summary of how it can help your business is a pretty tricky task. 

Luckily the good people over at Umango have created this handy little video that does just that. 

Watch it now.

Extract Data

Umango provides professional batch scanning for medium to large organisations who need to scan, index and store documents quickly and easily. Documents can be profiled at the desktop, on a supported multifunction device or on your tablet/mobile and can be scanned from supported multifunction devices/scanners or imported from network folders. Once captured, the data and document can be routed into a range of office products, databases, network folders or the cloud.

Using data extraction tools such as zonal OMR, zonal OCR, barcodes, keywords and lasso OCR, documents are quickly indexed, named and stored ready for future retrieval. Umango can create a directory tree based on document index values and export in numerous formats including TIFF, PDF, PDF/A or text searchable PDF/A.


Convert Formats

Umango offers automated conversion of a wide range of file formats into a unified file name and file format without any user intervention required. After being converted, separated and cleaned, documents can then be routed to multiple destinations simultaneously. Whether you are using a multifunction photocopier device, a scanner or a mobile phone or tablet, Umango functionality can be embedded on the device so all the Umango features are available to you no matter where you're creating documents, scanning or profiling.

Umango can also reduce your organisation's software and support costs by offering one centralised point for file conversion.


A deeper look into Umango

Exclusive European Distributor

ITS prides itself on being the exclusive European Distributor for Umango Solutions.

Integration with PaperCut

Umango used in conjunction with PaperCut MF is the ideal solution to enhance the PaperCut MF Integrated Scanning feature and provide scanning and document conversion options directly from the MFD.

Zonal OCR

You can specify Umango to read a pre-defined area of your business documents and convert the selected information or zone back into text.

Smart Seek

Using Smart Seek you can quickly and easily specify the structure of the data you are looking for and Umango will dynamically look for the information and extract the data.